Travelling Pants

If I could wake up tomorrow, with my suitcase packed and lots of money in my pants pocket, these are a few of the places I would go:

Spain, because my friends Courtney and Brent went there on their honeymoon, and I saw their pictures, it looked like lots of fun.  Maybe I could see a bull fight.

Jamaica, is where my friend Erin went on vacation with her family.  She was very excited about her trip, and it made me want to go too.

Australia, would be a great place to see a kangaroo, and I’d like to do that.

Mexico, has spicy food, and I like that.  Tacos are fun, and maybe I could eat them in a Mexican pavillion.

China, would be a great place to go and celebrate their new year, with a parade and dragons!

Peru, is where Mach Picchu is, and I would like to climb there like my friend Courtney did.

United Kingdom, has lots of castles and museums that would be great to explore.  Maybe I could even see the Queen while I was there!

Germany, is a place I know nothing about, so I would like to go to just learn about this country.

Zimbabwe, is in Africa.  I would like to ride an elephant when I go there.

Italy, would be a great place to just eat all kinds of pasta and Italian foods.  I love pasta!

Would you and your pants like to travel to any of these places with me?