I Love to eat, eat eat….

Soup in my lunch!
Soup at home!
Soup at a restaurant!
I LOVE to eat soup!
Get a big spoon, scoop and eat.
I put crackers in my soup.
I like to crunch them up and stir them into my soup.
Soup is warm in my tummy.
Soup makes you feel better when you are sick.
I love “fresh soup”….that would be chicken nooodle.
Soup is good on a cold and rainy day.
Today is one of those days…maybe I will have soup for supper!!
What’s your favourite soup?

Goofy friends!

Basketball isn't Goofy

When I went to Disney,I got to see Goofy.  He was in the parade, and he waved at me.  I like to watch cartoons with Goofy in them, they make me laugh.  Goofy is shooting hoops in the picture, I like to do that too!   Goofy is my friend, and some of my friends are goofy!!