My Family

I have a great family!  There are 4 people in my family, my mom, my dad, my brother and me.  My brother is in high school.  My mom works at a bank.  My dad builds things.  My dad and my brother just put a new roof on our house.  I helped a little too.  I handed tools to my dad, like a drill and the hammer.  I like building  things too.   My family takes great  vacations together.   We have been to Myrtle Beach and Disney.  We spend a lot of quality time together, going to church, eating dinner together, we love to play XBox games too.  My family is the best!

Walt Disney World


It's a Small, small, world!

It’s a small world was a great place to visit at Disney.  The song is one of my favourites.  The kids were all singing.  There were lots of rides.  I went on a roller coaster with my mom, dad.   My brother was in France.  There was even a Winnie the Pooh ride. It went really fast, fast enough for some hooting and hollaring.  I also saw a marching band.  It was really loud when they marched by me.  My favourite part was watching and listening to the bagpipes .  I bet it’s hard to march and play the drums, I like to sit and play the drums.  There were shows to see every day.


Favourite Things At Christmas

My favourite Christmas carol is Little Drummer Boy.  I help my mom decorate the Christmas tree with lights, balls, a train set around the tree and a angel on the top of the tree.  I love eating homade soup, turkey, mashed potatoe’s and gravy at Christmas.  I looked forward to Santa coming down the chiminy this year.  I hope Santa brings me musical instraments this year.  I wouls really like a violin, bagpipes and drums.  The thing I look forward to the most is spending time with family and friends.

Merry Christams Everyone!


Halloween Trick or Treat



We celebrate Halloween on October 31st. At school we have a Halloween dance. On Halloween, we dress up in costumes and go door-to-door, trick-or-treating. Complete strangers are willing to hand out candy! Our house has a witch on the front door. We are ready for little goblins, ghosts and witches to come knocking. It is also a time to carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns I’ve been busy with pumpkins; pumpkin guts are squishy and full of seeds. You can roast the seeds and eat them. I like to eat them. Haunted houses are sweet!  This year I think I will be a witch for Halloween.  I wonder what other costumes I will see. … hmmm….

I Love to eat, eat eat….

Soup in my lunch!
Soup at home!
Soup at a restaurant!
I LOVE to eat soup!
Get a big spoon, scoop and eat.
I put crackers in my soup.
I like to crunch them up and stir them into my soup.
Soup is warm in my tummy.
Soup makes you feel better when you are sick.
I love “fresh soup”….that would be chicken nooodle.
Soup is good on a cold and rainy day.
Today is one of those days…maybe I will have soup for supper!!
What’s your favourite soup?

No Pirates Allowed!

Sailboat on Lake

Cross, Chad. sailboat1.jpg. August 6, 2004. Pics4Learning. 12 Oct 2011


This is like my dad’s sailboat. It’s in Booth’s Harbour. Dad works the sails, and pulls them up and I get to steer. We sail on lake Erie. We stop and swim in the water. I like it when we pack a pcnic lunch. I pack golgfish and cookies in my backpack. There are no pirates allowed on our sailboat!

Travelling Pants

If I could wake up tomorrow, with my suitcase packed and lots of money in my pants pocket, these are a few of the places I would go:

Spain, because my friends Courtney and Brent went there on their honeymoon, and I saw their pictures, it looked like lots of fun.  Maybe I could see a bull fight.

Jamaica, is where my friend Erin went on vacation with her family.  She was very excited about her trip, and it made me want to go too.

Australia, would be a great place to see a kangaroo, and I’d like to do that.

Mexico, has spicy food, and I like that.  Tacos are fun, and maybe I could eat them in a Mexican pavillion.

China, would be a great place to go and celebrate their new year, with a parade and dragons!

Peru, is where Mach Picchu is, and I would like to climb there like my friend Courtney did.

United Kingdom, has lots of castles and museums that would be great to explore.  Maybe I could even see the Queen while I was there!

Germany, is a place I know nothing about, so I would like to go to just learn about this country.

Zimbabwe, is in Africa.  I would like to ride an elephant when I go there.

Italy, would be a great place to just eat all kinds of pasta and Italian foods.  I love pasta!

Would you and your pants like to travel to any of these places with me?

Goofy friends!

Basketball isn't Goofy

When I went to Disney,I got to see Goofy.  He was in the parade, and he waved at me.  I like to watch cartoons with Goofy in them, they make me laugh.  Goofy is shooting hoops in the picture, I like to do that too!   Goofy is my friend, and some of my friends are goofy!!